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About Boomgi

— — Focus on the manufacture and development of contactor products — —

Yueqing Boomgi Electric Co, Ltd. Committed to providing high-quality product line supplementary services for global high-end customers, the company's BCH8 series modular contactors and BIR series pulse relays have passed the testing and certification of foreign authoritative organizations. After years of development, the company has become a leading manufacturer in the field of modular contactors!

We believe that quality is the basis of enterprises base on the market, and the basis for ensuring quality lies in advanced manufacturing equipment and high-quality and technical team. Boomgi Electric has more than ten sets of fully automatic and semi-automatic production equipment, there’re automatic winding machine, intelligent performance test bench, contact assembly machine and other equipment which are absolutely leading in the industry. At present, the factory has realized 70% of the process automation and semi-automation production.

The essence of quality lies in manufacturing, and also effective quality control means. Boomgi takes the lead in introducing contactor electrical life test equipment in the industry. It continuously develops electrical life test, mechanical life test and temperature rise test of products throughout the year, strictly controls the stability of product quality, and ensures the continuous and effective supply of quality domestic contactors to our customers!

Boomgi advocates the spirit of craftsmen. The company's main founders have more than 15 years of experience in the field of senior technology and quality. With the spirit of dedication, we will do a good job in the small product of household contactors as our sole goal. We are determined to become a global leader in the manufacture of household contactors.

Only with the best quality can we stand in the city! Boomgi Electric sincerely welcome you to visit our factory, and work with you to promote the wider application of household contactor products!

  • 100% Assembly line

    Pipeline production and assembly to ensure timely delivery

  • 90% Automatic winding

    Except 24V coil, all other specifications adopt automatic winding equipment.

  • 70% Automated production

    Improve production efficiency by 50% through automation and quality improvement.

  • 100% Product testing

    Pay attention to details, all products are tested layer by layer to ensure quality.

Use ERP systematic Realization of Production and Sales Process Management| Independent R&D and production of key parts to improve product quality| According to the production line to improve efficiency
16A-63A Product acquisition CCC Authentication,Germany TUV of CE and CB Test report.
  • TUV-CE

  • TUV-CB


  • CCC