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BCH8-25 2P AC contactor

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Scope of application

BCH8 Modular Contactor (also known as analog contactors and architectural contactors) are mainly used in power systems with AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage up to 400V and rated working current up to 100A. They are used as remote switches and control circuits in AC-1 and AC-7a (non-inductive or low-inductive loads, resistance furnaces, household appliances and similar low-inductive loads). It can also be used to control the load of household motor. Modular Contactors cant't be used in break short-circuit currents, so appropriate short-circuit protective appliances (such as small circuit breakers) should be selected when using them. It meets the standard IEC 61095. BCH8 contactor can expand auxiliary control, protection and indication functions. BCH8 Modular Contactor is a kind of control device used for long distance connection and disconnection of inductionless or low inductive load, resistance furnace, household appliances and similar low inductive load, household motor, etc. BCH8 Modular Contactor are mainly used in homes, hotels, apartments, office buildings, public buildings, shopping malls, gymnasiums and other places to achieve automatic control functions.

Product characteristics

(1) The analog and digital control device has novel structure and compact volume.

(2) Installation orbiting, dimension modularization, safe use, can be combined with small circuit breakers installed in the control lighting box.

(3)The use of high-quality insulation materials greatly improves the safety.

(4) Beautiful appearance with working status indicator window.

(5)No noise, suitable for hotels, hospitals and other places.

Model and its meaning

Normal working conditions

Ambient air temperature: The upper limit of ambient air temperature is + 60℃ and the lower limit is - 5℃. When the AC contactor is installed in the distribution box, spacers must be assembled on both sides to facilitate heat dissipation. Elevation: The altitude of the installation site shall not exceed 2000m.

Atmospheric Conditions: When the installation temperature is + 60℃, the relative humidity of the air does not exceed 50%. Higher relative humidity can be allowed at lower temperatures, such as + 20℃ up to 90%. Special measures should be taken for occasional condensation due to temperature changes.

Pollution grade: Grade II.

Installation Category: II.

Installation method: TH35-7.5 type guide rail is used for installation. There is no significant impact and vibration at the installation site. It is installed vertically. The inclination between the installation surface and any direction is not more than 5 degrees.

Main technical parameters

Quota system
A) Eight-hour working system: This working system is the basic working system. The agreed free air heating current Ith of the Modular Contactor is determined by this working system.
B) Intermittent periodic working system: The operating frequency of the AC contactor is 30 times/h and the load factor is 40%.
Action (operation) condition
In the ambient air temperature range of - 5 +60℃, when the suction coil of the contactor is applied with a quota to control the power supply voltage Us so as to heat it to a stable state, the contactor should be reliably closed at any voltage in the range of (85%~110%) Us, and released and disconnected between 75% and 20% of the rated control power supply voltage Us.
Product life
Mechanical life: The mechanical life of modular contactor is not less than 1 million times.
Electrical life: The electrical life of analog contactor is not less than 100,000 times.

Specifications 16A 20A 25A 40A 63A 100A
Rated current AC-7a 16 20 25 40 63 100
AC-7b 6 7 8.5 15 20 30
 Agreed heating current Ith(A) 25 25 25 63 63 100
Rated insulation voltage Ui(V) 500
Rated operating voltage Ue(V) 250V(1P/2P) 400V(3P/4P)
Number of main contacts 1P 1NO、1NC
3P 3NO、3NC
Control power AC-7a 230V 3.5 4.5 5.5 9 14 22
400V 6.5 8 10 16 25 38
AC-7b 230V 1.4 1.6 2 3.5 4.5 6.5
400V 2.4 2.8 3.4 6 8 11
Electrical life(times) 10ten thousand
Mechanical life(times) 100ten thousand
Maximum number of switching operations per hour 30
Maximum number of switching operations per day 100
Quota control power supply voltage Us(V) AC 24/50Hz AC230/50Hz
frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Class of pollution2
Rated impulse withstand voltage(Uimp) 2.5kV(4kV--12/24/48VAV)
Protection level
Contactor body IP20
Installed in distribution box Ip40
working temperature -5℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃
Hygrothermal resistance(IEC60068.1) 2-class(At 55℃,Relative humidity is 95%)
ELSV(Ultra-low Safety Voltage) 12/24/48 VAC
Product control meets the requirements of SELV (Safe Ultra-Low Voltage)

Note: When the contactor is installed in the distribution box, spacers must be assembled on both sides to facilitate heat dissipation.

Working principle

When the coil is electrified, the coil current generates magnetic field, which generates enough electromagnetic suction to overcome the reaction force, and the armature is sucked in to make the contact connected. When the coil voltage disappears or the coil voltage will be low to a certain value, that is, when the so-called release voltage, the magnetic flux generated by the armature end surface decreases, the electromagnetic suction begins to be smaller than the reaction force produced by the reaction spring and the contact spring. The armature of the contactor is released under the action of this reaction force, leaving the yoke, and the contact breaks off immediately.

Selection of 50Hz Modular Contactor

type Contactor Manual operating contactor
Rated current A 16 25 40 63 100 25 40 63

Attachable contactor
BCH8s Indication accessories
BCH8c Control attachment through yellow clip
BCH824Control attachment through yellow clip ●(contactor)230V-50Hz) ●(Contactor 230V-50Hz)

50Hz Selection of Modular Contactor

BCH8 Selection of Modular Contactor

Operation (manual operation of contactor)

installation diagram

typeRated currentStrip lengthCircuittorqueCopper wireSketch Map
Hard wireFlexible or hoop terminal
BCH8PZ1:4mm16-100A9mmcontrol loop0.8Nm





16and25APower loop
m - 9mm - 0.8Nm





type Connection terminal Rated torque Copper wire Sketch Map 
Hard wire Flexible cord Hoop wire terminal
ABCH824 Power Supply(N/P)












type Connection terminal product ID Copper wire Sketch Map
Hard wire Soft wire
Ti24 Connector Spring tightening terminal A9XC2412 1×0.5~1.5mm2 1×0.5~1.5mm2

Electrical accessories

Signal class
control class
BCH8c 230V AC
24V AC

Signal class control class
Enclosure BCH8s BCH8s
type Signal contact Pulse/Continuous Signal Control
function ●Used to indicate the "on" or "off" status of the main contacts of contactors

●Connect the contactor to the attachment so that it can be controlled by two types of commands.

○Pulse commands for local control (input T)

○Continuous signal command for centralized control (input X)

○The last command received has priority

Modular Contactor Wiring diagram
install ●Installed on the right side ●Installed on left side of BCH8 through yellow clip
Use - ●When the power supply circuit is disconnected:
○<1s:Keep the initial state
○Manual action is restarted for X or T
●Minimum pulse duration:250ms

technical specifications

control voltage(Ue) VAC 24...240 230...240 24...48
VDC 24...130 -
working frequency Hz
Width (multiple of 9mm) 1 2
Auxiliary contact (breaking capacity) ●Minimum:10mA stay 24VDC/AC-COSΦ=1
○5A在240V DC-COSΦ=1
○1A stay130 VDC
Contact Points 1NO+1NC -
working temperature -5℃~+50℃
working temperature -5℃~+50℃

Contactor Power Consumption

BCH8 Household AC contactor-50Hz

Rated current(In) control voltage
Power waste   keep
Suction maximum power
AC7a AC7b
25A 8.5A 230...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
16A 6A 230...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W

230...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
25A 8.5A 24 3.8VA 15VA 1.3W

230...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W

230...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
40A 15A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
63A 20A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
100A - 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
25A 8.5A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
40A 15A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
63A 20A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
16A 6A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
25A 8.5A 24 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W

220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W

24 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W

220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W

220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
40A 15A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W

220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
63A 20A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W

220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W

220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W

220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
100A - 220...240 13VA 106VA 4.2W

BCH8 Manual operation of Modular Contactors-50Hz

Rated current(In) control voltage
Power waste     keep
Suction maximum power
AC7a AC7b
25A 8.5A 230...240 2.7VA 9.2VA 1.2W
40A 15A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
63A 20A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
25A 8.5A 220...240 4.6VA 34VA 1.6W
40A 15A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W
63A 20A 220...240 6.5VA 53VA 2.1W

Shape and installation dimensions

Installation, use and maintenance

Before installation, technical data of Modular Contactor (such as rated voltage, current, operating frequency, etc.) should be checked.

When installing, it should be installed according to the stipulated conditions. The terminal A1 of the contactor coil should be facing upward and conform to people's visual habits.

Contactors with metal mounting boards should be properly grounded.

The screw of the terminal should be tightened. After checking the correct connection, the main contact should be disconnected several times before it can be put into use.

If abnormal noise is found in the use of Modular Contactors, it may be dirt on the pole surface of the iron core, please wipe the pole surface.

In the use of Modular Contactor, all parts of the product should be inspected regularly. The movable parts should not be jammed and the fasteners should not be loosened. If the parts are damaged, they should be replaced in time.

BCH8 Modular Contactor can be used in large-scale lighting circuit control, public hot water control, geothermal power supply control, automatic curtain rolling control, small motor control and other fields.
All right. In large public places such as hotels, hotels, stations, hospitals and office buildings, all kinds of electrical equipment can be effectively controlled, which can be used as the best terminal execution unit of intelligent building system.
Application occasion
Bank, Industry and Commerce, Taxation, Telecom, Hospital, Post, Finance Bureau, Labor Bureau, Personnel Bureau, Social Security Bureau, Government One-stop Service Office, Insurance, Vehicle Administration, Transportation
Windows service industries such as administrative bureau, consulate, entry-exit, customs, inspection and quarantine bureau, disease prevention and control center, Technical Supervision bureau, product customer service center, etc.

Matters needing attention

1. Before installation, check whether the Modular Contactor is in conformity with the scope of use and normal working conditions.

2. The connection mode of BCH8 contactor should be correct.

3. BCH8 Modular Contactor should tighten the connection screw when wiring.

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