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I. Quality objectives

1. Win-win cooperation with customers;
2. Develop new products and constantly meet customer needs;
3. Strictly implement product standards and establish new standards. Creating an International Brand
4.Implementing total quality management to ensure that the qualified rate of products is 100%.
5.Achieving quality commitment, reassuring and satisfying customers, striving to achieve customer satisfaction of more than 99%.

Ⅱ. Product Quality Commitment

1. Strictly abide by the quality standards stipulated in the contract, and conscientiously implement them in accordance with the terms of the contract;
2. The quality of products provided by our company strictly abides by the relevant standards. If there are problems during the shelf life, the products will be returned and replaced without compensation. The service life of the products will last for one year under normal working conditions. Lifelong warranty (after expiration of warranty period, only the cost of spare parts is charged)
3. The products used are all carried out with the system of labels and certificates of credit cards.
4. Establish professional sales service personnel to provide professional technical consultation and professional after-sales guarantee for users at any time.
5. In the process of installation and debugging of products or accessories, once problems arise, the principle of dealing with problems first and then distinguishing responsibilities is to meet the needs of customers.

Ⅲ.Delivery promise

1. In strict accordance with the provisions of the contract, fulfill the delivery time limit, ensure the integrity of the products provided, and ensure the timely installation and use of customers;
2. In strict accordance with the provisions of the contract, designate the place of delivery and the mode of delivery to ensure the safety of the goods;
3. Regardless of the quantity of the goods, our company promises to complete the supply task with quality and quantity.

Ⅳ.After-sales service commitment

1. Providing free technical services to customers;
2. Perfect the pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale service network, establish professional after-sales service team, and eliminate the advantages of customers when they encounter technical problems or other problems in the process of using products;
3. When our company receives feedback from users on quality problems, we promise to send professional technicians to the site within 24 hours in the province, 48 hours in the prefecture and city markets, 72 hours in the provincial and 72 hours in the foreign markets within two weeks to deal with the problem, and until the users are satisfied.
4. During the shelf life of the product (the operating conditions meet the product standards or the conditions stipulated in the contract), the product shall be repaired, replaced and all spare parts and spare parts shall be provided at any time.


1.The company has opened a quality and Technical Service Consulting Hotline (0577-62660276) to solve all kinds of difficult problems for customers.
2.Customers can also directly inquire about the company's details online (;
3.The above promises invite the majority of users to give supervision, we will strive to do the best, so that you are satisfied.